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Workopolis - our newest client!

Planet Telecom is very pleased to welcome our newest client -Workopolis
to our network, we're thrilled to have you on board!

Largely known as the largest online job resource in Canada, Workopolis is the Canadian leader in the Internet recruitment and career transition solutions field, helping employers and candidates connect with each other online.

Workopolis is also recognized as a leading advocate for Canadians to have a nationally recognized Work From Home Day, but what most Canadians don't know is that this dynamic organization is also committed to leveraging technology to improve their employees' work life, and in some cases, even enable them to work remotely.
With a large field staff that is spread out across the country - Workopolis offers a number of their employees the opportunity to work from home - promoting work/life balance, increased job satisfaction, and a second to none opportunity to prove the effectiveness of this model.

Planet Telecom is pleased to have the opportunity to provide business communications services to some of these employees located throughout Western Canada.
In working closely with the Workopolis team, we have been able to identify and overcome some of the unique hurdles that are normally encountered when working in a remote environment.
This custom solution enables easier and more dynamic methods of communicating amongst the group, reduces the typical deployment timelines as well as improves the end user experience over traditional communications methods.
By helping to make their communications platform easier to deploy to remote employees, and enabling a more efficient, nimble platform, Workopolis employees in the field can quickly and efficiently get to what they do best - Working with Canada's Employers to develop strategies that attract and deliver the best candidates available.

We look forward to a long and positive relationship with Workopolis, and applaud their commitment to the remote worker model, as well as their commitment to leveraging tomorrow's technology to improve today's experience.

For more on Workopolis, or to learn more about the Work From Home Day initiative, you can visit or on Facebook, at

Welcome aboard Workopolis!

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