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A very warm welcome to Triple Random Inc!

Planet Telecom is pleased to announce our latest partner client - Triple Random Inc.

Triple Random offers customers in various sectors of the construction, pipeline, oil and gas, fabrication and manufacturing industries the opportunity to address their transportation needs on a safe, timely and competitive basis,
anywhere in Western Canada, the Northwest Territories or Yukon, as well as to and from the United States.
First and foremost a performance driven company, Triple Random's commitment to delivering on time services to their client base most certainly resonates with us here at Planet Telecom!

By tailoring a customized solution for Triple Random, Planet Telecom was able to significantly reduce their overall communications spend, while at the same time adding multiple features and services that
helped to improve efficiencies, and were functional in the day to day operations of the company - allowing Triple Random to service their client base and work with their teams in a more effective manner.

We applaud Triple Random for taking the initiative to improve their communications systems in their constant quest to improve their already spectacular customer service model, and stay on top of communicating with
their already impressive client base.

Triple Random is going to great lengths to ensure that they are a heavy hitter in the transportation industry for many many years to come.
Welcome aboard Triple Random - We're happy to be working with you!

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