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Welcome Aboard Blue Sky Limos!

Planet Telecom is thrilled to announce the addition of our latest client, and Edmonton's premiere luxury transportation service - Blue Sky Limos.

With the largest fleet of stretch transportation in the city of Edmonton, and offering what is easily the most eye catching selection of vehicles, Blue Sky Limos is a highly recognized brand in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary - chances are you've seen many of their vehicles chauffeuring happy patrons to and from exclusive, glamourous or important events in Edmonton.

With their wide ranging selection of stretch and luxury transportation options, their unwavering commitment to customer care, and ensuring that their patrons experience the highest level of service, Blue Sky Limos is certainly set up to exceed expectations.
We are thrilled to have such an interesting and dedicated client as part of our network, and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

You can read more about Blue Sky Limos at, or drop them a line and chat with one of the friendly members of their customer service team at
Edmonton: 780-432-0000
Calgary: 403-225-0000
Red Deer: 403-358-2200

Welcome Aboard Blue Sky!

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