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Compello IP Centrex

It's time to change the way you think about corporate communications.

Rapidly deploy, change, extend and reconfigure your corporate communications with the Compello IP Centrex platform from Planet Telecom.

This user friendly, dynamic, scalable, and incredibly full featured communications solution is the perfect fit for small and medium sized organizations looking to leverage the flexibility and savings that the convergence of your data and voice networks can offer.

Compello provides a seamless path to the corporate phone system anywhere that there is an internet connection, across the street, or across the world.

Compello offers unparalleled flexibility and maneuverability that is impossible with traditional analog phone systems.
No more costly service appointments from the phone company to simply move an office, or deploy a new desk-set, and no more costly maintenance contracts from service vendors to fix, adjust or simply maintain your legacy PBX system.

Due to the nature of Compello - you never have to worry about service contracts to manage hardware that you have already paid for, OR your phone system becoming obsolete!
Gone are the days of legacy PBX systems, expensive management, costly service calls and capital investments into a system that is getting more out of date by the minute, and will ultimately result in electronic waste that is extremely harmful to the planet, or costly to recycle properly.

Planet Telecom's Compello IP Centrex service is always up to date, with updates and new service features pushed to the individual desksets as they are available, and due to the nature of the Compello service, you can expect a much longer lifecycle, and less costly hardware replacement.
For larger clients that require on-premise equipment, Planet Telecom is capable of deploying gear that can reside on site, and still be managed by our technicians, giving you the scalable efficiency of line distribution, with the full powerful feature set and maneuverability of the Compello solution- the best of both worlds!

Save on office space costs with the deployment of Flex Space, Work from Home, and Mobile Worker strategies, while saving the planet by reducing the amount of CO2 produced by your staff's daily commute to the office.
Your Staff can enjoy a higher level of "Work/Life Balance" resulting in happier, more productive employees, and dramatically higher retention rates.

Yes - Compello can do all of that.

Couple solutions like these with a team of industry leading Client Service Specialists, offering your organization the best support available in the industry, and you've got more than a communications system - you've got a communications strategy.

Why not set up an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgable Account Managers today, we would be happy to sit down and talk with you about your business, and how we can help to develop your unique communications strategy.

Compello by Planet Telecom - It's Just BETTER.

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