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We always love to hear from our clients - and if you're having difficulties with your service, we encourage you to contact your Account Representative directly for help.
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If you're looking for an answer that is something simple - we've put together this FAQ to help you answer a lot of frequently asked questions quickly and easily:

Q. How do I access my Voicemail from my phone?
A. Your phone may have a dedicated "messages" button, or soft key on the display screen. You can also dial 8500 from your phone, and enter your phone number or extension at the "mailbox please" prompt.
Our system will ask you for a password, and prompt you from there.
If you'd like to access your voicemail from any phone, you can dial the following local numbers:

Edmonton: 780.701.1755
Banff: 403.760.2522
Vancouver: 604.678.5916

For a complete voicemail instruction guide, along with layout, please contact your rep, or, drop us a line at with the subject "Voicemail Instructions" and we'll gladly send you a copy.

Q: How do I forward my phone?
A. Your phone will have a dedicated "FWD" button or soft key on the display screen. Select the option you'd like to enable it (Always/No Answer/Busy) and follow the prompts to put your desired phone number to forward to.

Q. If I am having an issue with my service, what do I do?
A. Feel free to contact us directly by calling your Account Representative, Our Support Team (1-866-296-7771 EXT 2), or by logging at ticket via

Q. If I am calling long distance in the same province do I dial "1" before the number?
A. Yes.

Q. Do I have to dial "1" or "011" before I call long distance?
A. Yes, for calls within Canada, USA and most Carribean countries, dial 1 + the area code plus the number, for overseas calls, 011 + country code + city code + number

Q. Can I use Planet Telecom as the operator?
A. No. Planet Telecom can answer any questions you have, but can not connect your calls.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please call our Customer Service Representitives at: 1.866.296.7771 ext. 21 or log a trouble ticket at

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